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Posted by: Zeus Oct 31 2014, 08:07 PM
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Posted by: Zeus Oct 31 2014, 08:12 PM
Leonidas & Menelaus Appointed Kings of Sparta

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Hellas: The Spartan Assembly has appointed the two Kings of Sparta, one will serve as King of the Military while the other is King of the Diplomacy & Trade matters leaving the Assembly to pass laws by popular majority and to hear court trials by majority vote as well. These two individuals will build Sparta up and lead them into the future with the strength of warriors and the determination of a lion.

Already Sparta is faced with several challenges particularly rebuilding after a devestating earthquake not so long ago. Sparta is also dealing with putting its Assembly together and working to gain a significant push on key issues while boosting itself at home and abroad.

Posted by: Zeus Oct 31 2014, 09:10 PM
Athenian Council of Boule Appointed by Assembly

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Hellas: Today the Assembly of Athens composed of all individuals men and women who are free (non-slaves, land owners, plebians, etc) voted in unanimity for the Boule Council which handles diplomacy and trade for the people of Athens. Unlike their rival in Sparta, Athenians Assembly actively controls all military matters and makes them with majority decision while in Sparta these decisions are made by a King while another King handles their diplomacy and trade.

The individuals elected are Adonis, Helen and Achilles all of whom received majority support in the election for Boule Council in Athens today. Current events developing in Athens from our sources indicate that a council will be meeting already to discuss critical events that are forming on the horizon for the Athens nation state today.

Posted by: Zeus Nov 1 2014, 02:32 PM
Spartan Troops Arrive in Athens, Athenian Stone & Marble Shipments Arrive in Sparta

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Hellas: A fearsome sight in their bronze uniforms and helmets over 20,000 Spartans marched into Athens today with their commanders announcing their arrival to the Boule Council before marching out of the city gates to their encampment just outside of Athens. The troops come as word has spread about an impending Persian invasion of 900,000 troops along with a sizable fleet.

The Spartans in returned asked for a sizable shipment of stone and marble blocks to begin the rebuilding process after a devestating earthquake took place in Sparta only two years ago leading to a slave rebellion of Helots which was put down by reinforcements from the Spartan alliance. Already tensions have shown in the relationship between Sparta and Athens with the Spartans refusing to send all 40,000 troops they promised until they received their building supplies. Now with those supplies in place it remains to be seen if mighty Sparta will give the remaining 20,000 which scouts report have been ravaging neighboring Acadia and Achaens over the past few days.

Posted by: Zeus Nov 1 2014, 11:46 PM
Alexander Abandons Athens, Returns to Macedon as King

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Macedon: Alexander has abandoned Athens as Persian troops prepare to invade the city, the former envoy of the city and active member of the assembly has fled back home after reports of his father passing away were sent throughout the region. Upon arriving in Pellas he gave an oratory to well over 200,000 people gathered to meet their new King.

To the people of Macedon, to the Assembly, and to the Synedrion. I am Alexander son of Cyrus of Macedon. I have returned after many years in Athens. And I have come back to be your King. But this is not the only reason I have returned. This is my home and you are my people. I have come back so I can be with my people. And lead you into a new age. One of prosperity and intellect. One of a strong and mighty Macedon. One where the people are proud and brave. Not one where people are afraid to take a stand. I have come to be your Leader. Not your ruler. Yes I will rule as a strong leader. And make laws that are needed. But your rights as humans will not be violated. For far too long has Macedon been weak. We have let people trample over us and conquer us. This is not the fault of you. But instead the fault of past Kings. Macedon needs to unite so we can become strong and ward of any attacks. Whether it be from Greece, Sparta, or even Persia. If they attack us we will defeat them. Macedon will rise up and make its mark on this world known. But this should not just be in a military way. It also needs to be in a diplomatic way. If we gain more allies Macedon will become richer and more powerful. With more allies we will build strength. And with this strength we could stop a force as large as Persia. With allies no military would be big enough to stop Macedon’s might. With more allies and if the people of Macedon unite and work together we might conquer the world. But we must work to attain this title. We must show the world we mean business. Fuck we need trade. We need more workers. Workers that will work on the farms, with bronze, and any other industry Macedon offers. We need a richer society. We need a more educated society. We need a united society. All this so we can have a strong society. The Greeks look down on us. They think us inferior. We think we are proud. And we are proud. We are very proud. But we must show the Greeks that we are not inferior that instead we are equal to them if not superior to them. This is what we must show them. We must show not only the Greeks but the whole world that we are proud. And we must work to do this. And work we will. All of us will work to show how powerful we are. I have the blessings of the gods to be here as King. And that is who we must turn to if we want to become strong and might. The gods. If we want to come together like a family we will need the blessings of Hera. If we want good crops we must turn to Demeter. With whatever we want or need we must turn to the gods. We have the blessing of Zeus himself. Macedon will be stronger than ever.

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